Technische Universität Ilmenau / Humboldtbau

The TU Ilmenau is a research-strong university with campus flair, intercultural diversity and a family environment. Founded as the "Thuringian Technical School" in 1894, scientists today conduct innovative top-level research in around 100 subject areas. To this end, they bundle their expertise in three profile lines and work in an interdisciplinary manner on solutions for socially relevant future topics such as artificial intelligence, sustainable energy supply or mobility. The range of courses offered to the current 5,500 students, with a total of 44 bachelor's, master's and diploma programs in five faculties, offers a wide selection of courses in the fields of engineering, information technologies, economics and media sciences, mathematics and natural sciences. The modern equipment and personal support enable a high quality of education and optimally prepare graduates for professional life in industry and science.

Aerial view of the upper campus of the TU Ilmenau
(Source: TU Ilmenau/Stephan Pöhler)
(Source: TU Ilmenau/Chris Liebold)

The Humboldt Building is the central teaching and conference building of the Ilmenau University of Technology. The building was named after the polymath Wilhelm von Humboldt and was built on the university campus as part of the second major construction phase (from 1999). The Humboldt Building contains the Auditorium Maximum (Audimax), which has a capacity of over 600 seats, as well as a total of 13 other lecture halls and seminar rooms. With its excellent infrastructure, this modern building is the perfect venue for the ASIM Dedicated Conference 2023.

(Source: TU Ilmenau/Michael Reichel)
Students sitting in front of the Humboldt Building
(Source: TU Ilmenau/Michael Reichel)
Lecture in the Audimax of the Humboldt Building
(Source: TU Ilmenau/Michael Reichel)



The Goethe and university town of Ilmenau is located about 40 kilometers southwest of the state capital Erfurt in the valley of the Ilm River, which once gave the town its name. It is the largest city in the Ilm district and the eleventh largest in Thuringia. Ilmenau impresses with its central location in the "green heart" of Germany.

Ilmenau from above
(Source: City Ilmenau)
Goethe statue in front of Ilmenau town hall
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True to the motto "Live and work where others vacation", the small town on the edge of the Thuringian Forest enchants with its charm between history and modernity. While old houses adorn the inner city streets of the historic old town and the magnificent villas of the spa district tell of glorious times, the small town also makes an international name for itself as a research and science location. More than 100 prospering technology and technology-oriented companies and institutions are located here in promising technology areas and fields. Ilmenau is, however, more than just a crystallization core for business and technology in the region. The culture of this city is strongly influenced by Goethe's work in the city, which is why it is also one of Germany's Goethe cities. Surrounded by hills and mountains, such as the 861 meter high Kickelhahn, Ilmenau is, however, not only an ideal starting point for discovery tours of culture and nature tourists. In addition, this city offers many other opportunities for leisure activities, such as the recreational and racing toboggan run and the swimming and ice rink.


Thuringia / Erfurter Kreuz

Thuringia has more to offer than enjoying the wildly romantic views surrounded by deep forests, listening to the stories of a centuries-old castle or taking extensive strolls through the lively old town. Thuringia combines natural beauty, art and culture with research and state-of-the-art technology. A beacon is the technology region Ilmenau-Arnstadt as an innovative economic area. The region, with the TU Ilmenau at its core, is characterized by unique entrepreneurship. More than 7,500 technology-oriented companies and international industrial enterprises have settled here and organized themselves in the "Initiative Erfurter Kreuz" e.V..